Friday, October 13, 2006

Software Engineer Salaries On The Rise

As an entry level software engineer in the Boston area, I try to keep up-to-date on average salaries to keep my HR people in check. According to, the median salary for entry level software engineers in the Boston area has gone up from $53K to $59K, that's a $6,000 per year difference! This is from data collected in October 2006, and it isn't limited to the Boston area, so it might do you some good to visit yourself and drop a hint to your manager or HR person sometime soon :)

Why the sudden increase? I can only speculate, but here are a few theories:

1. The cost of living is increasing (especially in Boston) and this is just accomodating for that.

2. Software Engineers have high demand and low supply. The bust from the late 90's discouraged many college students from getting into the computer science/engineering field, so there's fewer and fewer people with the experience and skills that software companies need. There's also statistics suggesting that software engineers will be one of the fastest growing careers between now and 2014.

3. We're just that flipping amazing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen this graph about Boston salaries? It shows the different average salaries for the most popular jobs in Boston and is updated real-time. You can actually embed this graph into your blog.

10/31/2006 8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do agree on your view on how the bust in the 90's and a few years ago how computer related jobs are going overseas, which did discouraged a lot of students from going into computer science and related engineering fields. However, suddenly now there such a large demand for computer scientist, software engineer, and computer engineer that we don't have enough graduates to fufill those requirements. A lot of the CS and engineering departments around the country encourages students, especially, women to major in such fields. For example, the University of Miami recently received a grant of nearly $450,000 from the National Science Foundation to give to students as scholarship to encourage them to major in CS and Mathematics. Oh, and lastly, (yes, we are just that flipping amazing :) )

11/27/2006 4:07 PM  
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